Company Profile
4M was founded at 1986, aiming at developing software for Engineers. Today 4M has a leadership position in the software construction industry in S/E Europe, with more than 10.000 registered users. 4M develops and distributes a series of state-of-the-art CAD products for engineers, architects, designer and drafters, as well as professional vertical applications, in the field of Building Construction Industry. 4M Suite is one of the most powerful CAD suites for Building
design, composed of integrated programs that complement each other, covering thus all the aspects of the Building Design (Architectural Design, Structural Analysis of RC and STEEL constructions, Building Services Design, Mechanical HVAC design, Electrical Engineering etc). More specifically:
4M-IntelliCAD is one of the most powerful and successful intelliCAD "options", among ITC members.
IDEA is an advanced environment for Architectural Synthesis, including high quality photorealism (PhotoIDEA) and avi walkthrough (WalkIDEA) components.
FINE deals with Building Services Design (FINE-HVAC for Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning, FINE-ELEC for Electrical Installations etc).
STRAD is a unique tool for Structural Analysis and Design of 3D Concrete Frames.
STEEL offers the most dependable and flexible solution in the Analysis and Design of Steel Structures.


Moreover 4M has a number of activities, which add value on the above products.

Other main activities of 4M are:

  • Consulting Services: 4M provides high level consulting in specific technical problems and case studies.
  • Customized software development: 4M undertakes projects, having to do with the development of individualized software, for meeting special needs of engineering companies.
  • Publishing Activities: 4M owns the 40% of the Tekdotiki publishing company, one of the most famous technical publications (classical & multimedia) Greek companies. "Technica" Journal, is a monthly journal addressed to all engineers.
  • Vortal 4M develops and Tekdotiki feeds the first vertical portal for the Greek Engineers' Community.
  • Building Materials Web Guide: 4M develops and updates the richest Web database, with the majority of the building materials in the Greek market.
  • 4M training services & seminars: 4M and its Authorized Centers, organize education programs and workshops, especially for young Engineers.

Group Profile: 4M occupies aroung 30 persons, with an average age of 32, the majority of which are Engineers with graduate studies in Computer Science. Moreover, 4M has a strong potential of expert consultants in various fields.

4M is still growing and prospering with very high annual rates, due to its leading-edge technology, excellent customer service and innovative new products.


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