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4MCAD is the powerful and smart AutoCAD« alternative, that provides full DWG and IFC compatibility, outstanding 64bit CAD performances, plus a similar environment and full support for all the AutoCAD« commands, menus, scripts, styles, patterns etc. 4MCAD speeds and performances are totally unbeatable, explaining the reason why our product has been welcomed by many thousands of Engineers and Designers in over 65 Countries.

4MCAD new release v.16, comes with native 64-bit for outstanding performances, native DWG compatibility, BIM/IFC compatibility (4MCAD PRO), Autocad«-like interface and many others (4MCAD16 contains a series of new tools & adds). 

4MCAD16 is now more powerful than ever, thanks to a brand new Architecture and a state-of-the-art software engineering structure:
• New and reengineered 64-bit design, based on ODA, for unrivaled speed and stability
• Includes all the IntelliCAD 8 new features
• Embeds the latest ODA 3.9.1 libraries
• Native support of the 2013-2016 DWG format
• New threading model for SDS (multitasking enhancement)
• MrSID libraries for MG4 support
• CUI format support

4MCAD is available in four versions:

- 4MCAD Viewer: CAD Viewing & Printing plus adding texts & dimensions

- 4MCAD Classic: 2D/3D CAD Complete Design

- 4MCAD Standard:
 4MCAD Classic + Raster-Image + Rendering

- 4MCAD Professional:
4MCAD Standard + 3D Solids + VBA support + Library Manager

Moreover, regarding the Standard and Professional versions, two locking options are available, a) through a software key, or b) through a hardlock USB dongle.

Unrivaled Autodesk AutoCAD compatibility

- Native DWG support (Opendwg) - DWG support of any AutoCAD v 2.5-2016 - Full compatibility with AutoCAD Command Line, menu (.MNU) and script (.SCR) files, hathes, fonts and true type fonts - Complex linetypes - Multiline Text - Lightweight polyline - Draworder - Audit & Recover - Full AutoLISP support (including .DCL) - ADS support in most applications - Raster image display manager - AutoCAD 3D surface commands, etc.

Exceptional productivity

Multiple open drawings (MDI), ActiveX support - Multiple layouts Drawing ExplorerTM for managing layers-blocks-line types-and more - Graphical block preview - Real Time Pan & Zoom - i-Drop technology - Right-mouse click to edit properties of multiple selected entities - very fast and high quality Hide-Shade functions - Script recorder - ActiveX objects integration (word texts, excel tables etc) - Visual customization of menus and toolbars - High quality Photorealistic 3D rendering (ray tracing) - Powerful 3D Solid Modeling (ACIS compatible) - Multilingual versions

Open Communication

- Import-Export of DWG files (opendwg) - Import-Export of DXF and SCR (script) files- Import of mnu (menu) and dcl (dialog box) files - Export of WMF, EMF (Enhanced Metafile) files and SLD (slides) - Reading of BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX images within DWG files.

Stand Alone or embedded in 4M Vertical Applications

4MCAD engine is embedded within the 4M BIM Verticals constituting the integrated 4M BIM Suite, including: IDEA Architecture, STRAD Structural and FINE MEP. The latter covers the full range of Building Services Design Software: FineHVAC, FineELEC, FineSANI, FineFIRE, FineGAS and FineLIFT.

  4ΜCAD ACAD 2006-13 ACAD 2002 ACAD R14 ACAD
AutoCAD Compatibility
Native DWG Support
(opendwg technology)
DWG support of any AutoCAD
v 2.5-2016
- - - -
DWG support for AutoCAD 2016 - - -
IFC support (4MCAD PRO) - - - -
AutoCAD Command Line
AutoCAD 3D surface commands -
Full AutoLISP Support
(including DCL)
ADS Support (Autodesk Development System) -
Object ARX Support - -
AutoCAD menu (mnu) & script files (scr) Support
Mtext support
Hatch Editing
User Profiles Support
Multiple Paperspace -
Lineweights Support -
Drawing Recovery
TrueType Fonts
Raster Image Display
Advanced Features
Edit Multiple Drawings -
ExploreTMfor managing layers-blocks-line types -
Microsoft Windows ActiveX Support -
Creation and Storage of script files (script recorder) - - - -
Edit Multiple Drawings
Graphical block preview -
Export to DWF
Visual customization of menus and toolbars -
Image Menu
XRef Manager -
Quick Render - - - -
Right-mouse click to edit properties of multiple selected entities -
High quality photorealistic 3D Rendering (Ray tracing) -
Full 3D Modeler (Opencascade) - ACIS compatible (PRO) -
Visual Basic Support (VBA) for Applications (PRO) -
Communication with BIM applications (PRO) - - - -
(*) The values of this table are based on published information. AutoCAD (R) is a product and trade mark of Autodesk.

Working with 4MCAD you are capable to:

  • Start immediately working on your existing job (dwg drawings, autolisp applications, fonts etc)
  • Communicate with anyone else (open dwg file format compatible with any autocad version)
  • Feel Safe and absolutely Legal (opposite to licensee authorities sush as BSA etc)
  • Save a lot of money (costs are 15 to 20 times less than the existing competition)
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